Back From China

I’ve been teaching English in China and just got back a few months ago. Unfortunately I fell several times, once getting off a Delta jet in Atlanta and rupturing my main quad in my leg, then again here in Austin, breaking my tibia in two places. Stayed in St. David’s hospital two weeks, now I am recovering in a rehab. X-rays now show the tip of my femur is flat, instead of road, so at least I know why I’ve been falling so much.

Well, I must go on, so I will be posting articles and photos here. I am working on a new e book on how to get a great teaching job in China as I did.

Low Tide On Naozhou Dao

Tides going out on Naozhou Dao, China. I was shaken and a little spooked when I found this scene to photograph. We had been chased by a Chinese army tank on the beach and they took all our cameras. When we got them back (no photographing on military outposts–but I’m back! 🙂 ) we hired a driver to take us to the end of Naozhou Dao (Dao means island). Here we also found and old, decaying monastery with two old Chinese men looking quite destitute.

I have more  posts to come on this part of my new book, Shooting Elephants In Shanghai.

Water lily in China park.

These lilies covered a pond outside Nanning, China. The Chinese, always ones for excitement and play, rigged a single-person slider seat, which shot the person across and overhead the pond.